Originally from Istanbul, I have always been deeply fascinated by creativity and artistic professions since my childhood. I started my initial studies in graphic design at a Fine Arts school in Istanbul and continued with a master's degree in art and visual communication at another Fine Arts school. I arrived in France in 2014 to pursue a Master's degree at the Beaux-Arts in Metz. After my graduation in 2016, I lived in Lorraine, Brittany, and the Pays de la Loire before settling in Île-de-France. With big passion about art, design, and music, I am also the lead singer-songwriter of the band Rain Speaks (Pop-Rock/Indie).

Working as a freelance Graphic Designer since 2010, the freedom of being independent has allowed me to develop my own artistic vision. For a Graphic Designer, progress and evolution never cease. Each project I have undertaken has been an opportunity to push further and explore new possibilities. I have had the privilege of working for clients from diverse sectors and different countries such as the United States, Greece, Japan, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, England, Turkey, Belgium, etc. I collaborate with small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, associations, publishers, publishing houses, entrepreneurs, and individuals.